Expert Plant Health Care in Northern Michigan by Firman Irrigation
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Year-round Care

Our plant health care plans are designed around four seasons of plant health. Different trees and woody shrubs need to be pruned at different times of the year. Diseases and pests have specific times of year they peak - and other times they are most susceptible to treatment plans. Having a knowledgeable team make seasonally appropriate visits helps ensure your plants thrive.

Pest & Diseases

Firman Irrigation's plant health care service performs regular and timely inspections with a highly-trained staff. By monitoring for all pathogens (pests, bacterial, and fungal) we are able to catch most conditions extremely quickly - which leads to a proper diagnosis, and the best possible outcomes. Certified arborists on staff can get to the bottom of even the toughest cases - including those not caused by pathogens.

Tree Care

The most comprehensive tree health care plan includes monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment for a complete array of conditions. We identify problems that stem from installation - like trees that were planted too deep or have girdled roots. We perform healthful maintenance like pruning branches, roots, or training the same. We utilize the most appropriate fertilization methods often including deep root and Arborjet trunk injection. Strategic tree and shrub removal that ensures the best sunlight, airflow, space, and soil conditions. We also treat soil conditions directly, including compacted soils. Trees that are healthy but may be structurally unsound sometimes benefit from cabling and bracing.

Specialized Tools

ArborJet Logo

Just like human medicine, plant health care benefits from advanced delivery methods. The Arborjet system allows our specialists to treat pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies extremely effectively.

This delivery method limits environmental exposure and allows us to use less of the treatment with greater effect.

Direct trunk injection is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option that uses a sealed tool that is quickly distributed through the tree's vascular system - just like if you receive intravenous medication.

Air Spade Logo

Our trained experts use this revolutionary compressed air tool to solve a variety of plant health care concerns. Forced air safely digs without damaging roots.

It allows us to perform root zone soil management, soil replacement, and perform corrections to root structure as in the case of girdled roots.

This isn't a tool you just go and rent. Specialized knowledge about field moisture levels, safety protocols, and evaluation of tree health is a prerequisite to use on any site.

Air Spade operation
Safely exposed girdling roots