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Landscape Lighting - Firman Irrigation - Petoskey MI

Why enjoy your landscape lighting only in the day? With a landscape lighting system from Firman Irrigation & Landscape Lighting, you might enjoy your landscaping more at night than in the day! Our landscape lighting designs are meant to create a unique atmosphere using subtle lights hidden in inconspicuous places to accent certain parts of your landscape or to create a natural moonlight feel. You can rest assured that your landscape lighting is installed properly. We have the experience and the knowledge to install a landscape lighting system that you will love for many years.

Why Firman Irrigation & Landscape Lighting?
· 20 years of experience designing and installing landscape lighting.
· We use only the best quality products, many of which include a lifetime warranty.
· We will come back every year if you like, and keep your lighting system working like new.
· We will provide a wiring diagram at the end of your project.
· We will come back at night after the install to adjust your lights and see if any modifications need to be made.
· We can install the wiring and irrigation pipes in the same trenches if you use us to do both.

A yearly maintenance program would include the following: cleaning the lenses on the fixtures, loosen wires and fixtures on trees, pruning around the fixtures, moving and re-aiming fixtures on the ground to best light plants and trees as they grow, making sure all of the lamps work and adjusting the timers. At certain intervals, we would like to change all the bulbs at once to avoid coming back to replace bulbs whenever one fails (unless they are LED). 

We now offer all our landscape lights in LED. LED uses around 80% less electricity, and last around 10 times longer! The light output of the new LEDs look no different than the halogen lights that you are used too.



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Why Landscape Lighting?

  Enjoy your property into the night
  Increase the value of your home


Dramatic landscape lighting for an outstanding outdoor experience.

If you have any questions about Firman Irrigation and Landscape Lighting please go to our Contact Us page to call or send us a message.
Landscape Lighting Service - Petoskey MI - Firman Irrigation
Landscape Lighting Service - Petoskey MI - Firman Irrigation