In Loving Memory

We Will Miss You

In loving memory of Daniel Firman, Aaron Hunley, Christian Hunley, and Andrew Erickson, who tragically lost their lives on August 20, 2009, on their way back from a job in Charlevoix.

We will miss you. May the memory of you live on through us.

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A poem by Pastor Gary Biggs

I Had To Change His Route,

Standing there in shock and disbelief, With my mind and heart assaulted by overpowering grief, I struggled hard to find a way to bring at least some relief To those attached to this life of Dan’s with us so very brief.

My prayer was for the grace of God, in such an hour To be present here, to lead, to help, and to give power. And somehow there, amidst the wreckage, bloomed that subtle flower; Not bursting on like a torrential rain, but coming on slow, like a spring shower.

Oh, the pace was hectic there, as the men were racing all about But even midst that hurried pace, the grace of God had come, without a doubt. Now, twasn’t like a loud, strong command, by sergeant bellowed out, But the still small voice that simply and lovingly said,”I had to change his route.”

This route of life began for him, while but a little boy, And it did not end as thought, returning home from Charlevoix, For the Father knowing, His choice to be not just a ploy, But that through the pain of death can come, the birth of lasting joy.

God’s heart too, knows that pain you all, most surely feel, For His heart too felt agony and loss there on the cruel cross so real, His son was given as the price for redemption’s purchase to seal, And Dan’s life too, was given, that some other souls might heal.

For the call of God upon his life was that he, the gospel should preach, That by proclaiming God’s Word, some other souls he might reach. Now so many lessons from hi life so short, to us our God might teach, Of sacrificial living, and care for others, a choice still open to us each.

To the family that is left here behind, you each hold a great treasure of his life, You dear one, given to Dan in a special role, as a new mother and his darling wife, And to you dear mother and father, his conversion of you, was with admiration rife, And the love for his brothers, ‘tis the kind found spoken of in God’s Holy Two-edged Knife.

For the testimony of life that Dan had lived, without malice, nor anger, nor pout, Has garnered the attention of so many this day, ‘tis enough to cause one to shout, Especially so, should some other travelers along life’s highway be caused to turn about, Then it truly would be worth our hearing that Heavenly, “For this-I had to change his route.”

Written in loving memory of Brother Dan Firman, to the family and friends he preceded to Heaven. Someday, we will have to ask him what is was like to see the highway change to the golden street. I love him, and will treasure also the memories of the time God allowed me to share him with you.

With much love,
Pastor Gary Biggs

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We KNOW that our beloved Dan is with his Lord in Heaven! He would want us to share with you how he got there and how YOU can join him. Here is what the Bible teaches and what Dan believed. The words found in quote marks are words from the Bible.

1. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” – Romans 3:23 This verse tells us that every person has done wrong or failed to do right. That is what sin is. Though Dan was a “good” man he was not a perfect man. Dan believed God’s Word when the Bible declared him to be a “sinner.”

2. “The wages of sin is death….” – Romans 6:23a Death is separation. When we die we are separated from our bodies. Dan knew that if he received what he deserved, his wages would be eternal separation from God. All of us have earned such a wage.

3. “…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” – Romans 6:23b The later half of this verse contains some very good news! Though we have “earned” wages of death, God has a GIFT for us. That gift is “eternal life.” Eternal life is the exact opposite of eternal death and a gift is the opposite of a wage. When our employees come to the end of a work cycle that don’t take home a gift from Firman’s – they take home WHAT THEY HAVE EARNED!

We cannot EARN a gift. If we work for it or pay anything at all it ceases to be a gift. So it is with the God’s gift of eternal life. It must be received as a gift. But, HOW do we receive this wonderful gift from God? Dan knew that God’s gift is received the same way any gift is received – JUST REACH OUT AND TAKE IT! God made His gift available to everyone who will ask for it. The Bible declares, “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” – Romans 10:13 “Saved” from eternal death! This “calling” on the Lord would be similar to these words, though God is not looking for fancy words but a sincere heart:

“God, I know that I am a sinner. I know that I deserve eternal death but believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins. The best that I know how I am asking Him to save me now and take me to Heaven when I die. Help me to live for you! – In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

These words are the very thing that Dan believed and without doubt what he wants you to know. If you have just accepted God’s gift please find a Bible believing Church in your town. Go tell the pastor that you resently accepted Jesus as your Savior. That pastor will help you in your new life.