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Firman Irrigation & Landscape Lighting is the premier irrigation and landscape lighting company in northern Michigan. Our owner is a certified irrigation designer and contractor through the Irrigation Association. A few of our technicians are certified irrigation contractors as well. 

Our staff, through training and experience, truly understand what it takes to install and maintain a sprinkler system so that it will use the least amount of water and produce a healthy landscape. Your sprinkler system will be installed using only the highest quality products and will have a minimal impact on your existing landscape and trees. Our designer is also a certified arborist, so you can rest assured that your trees will not be damaged in the process. Your sprinkler system will be designed so that it will use the minimum about of water possible by separating sunny areas from the shade, grass from the lawn, slopes from flat areas, etc. This is much better for your lawn and landscape since overwatering can be just as bad as under watering. You will also be provided with a drawing of your sprinkler system upon completion. 

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Benefits of Our Hydrawise Smart Controllers: