Tree Planting

Tree Planting Services

Firman Tree Service not only removes trees, but we also plant them! We have a nursery located at our shop, but we can order any tree upon request. Our certified forester and the rest of the tree team have the knowledge to properly plant your new trees so that they will thrive for years. After planting is completed, we will monitor your trees and can incorporate drip or bubblers if desired. Whether you’re looking to create a lush backyard retreat, restore a natural habitat, or enhance your commercial property’s curb appeal, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Why We Do It

Reasons to Plant Trees

Environmental Benefits

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, releasing oxygen into the air. They act as natural air filters, improving air quality and reducing pollution levels. 

Biodiversity Support

Trees play a crucial role in supporting biodiversity. They provide habitats for various species of birds, insects, and other wildlife. By planting native trees, you contribute to preserving local ecosystems.

Economic Benefits

Trees offer numerous economic advantages. They increase property values and enhance the aesthetic appeal of neighborhoods and cities, making them more desirable places to live and work. Furthermore, trees help conserve energy by providing shade in summer and windbreaks in winter, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

Future Generations

Planting trees is an investment in the future. Trees can live for decades, even centuries, providing benefits to future generations. By planting and caring for trees today, you contribute to a sustainable environment and leave a positive legacy for those who come after us.

Soil Health

Trees play a vital role in maintaining soil health. Their roots help prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil and reducing runoff. Tree leaves and organic matter contribute to soil fertility, promoting healthier growth for other plants and crops. 

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